Surf lessons in Tenerife

In this blog you will learn everything you need to know to book your surf lessons in the best spot of Tenerife south (Las Americas) but first let me introduce who we are, We are a surf school based in Playa de las Americas that´s founded by locals surfers of the area, well known in the industry by our high performance coach sesions and achivements of our clients in the competitive side. We have been surfing around Playa de las Americas for the last 15 years and we are happy to bring you to the best surf spots based on your level and now I will like to help you in what you should look for when looking to book a surf lesson with our school services as an example.

  • Group surf lessons: You will go surfing with a group of maximum 8 persons per instructor. You will learn the basics of surfing if you are a beginner or improve your surfing skills if you are intermedium at the same time that you share this great experience with your friends and other students. You do not need any previous surf experience. Book here
  • Private lessons: This is a one on one lesson where the instructor is going to be 100% focus on you, this is a great option if you are very committed to shortcut your learning curve. You can also set a private lesson for 2 or 3 people (family, friends…). 
  • 5-days course: This option is for those who want to give some consistency to their surfing, 5 surfing sessions adding up to 10 hours of surfing during your surf vacation. You will go with a group of level chasing the best.

If you want further information please feel free to call us at any of these numbers +34 617621854 // +34 687818224

Things to Know Before your First Surf Lesson

 In Playa de Las Americas we only do the lessons on the low tide which is the optimum time for beginners and intermedium because the waves are usually longer, the tides are changing every day based on the moon and the times of our lessons adapt accordingly. On our website you can book your day and hour without any problem. We do 2 lessons per day, the lessons cost 35 € with all the material included, instructor and insurance.You might need to know also that you will need at least a 7,6 feet board to learn properly and in our school we use 8 feet boards almost most of the times.

Like any other lesson a private surf session will be at Playa Las Americas, it will be at low tide which is the best time to surf in the area. You can book any day you want in the times established on our calendar. We will bring you to the best beaches in the south of Tenerife for your level it cost 70€ (1 person), 100 € (2 people) and 120 € (for 3 people). The good thing about our coast line here in Las Americas is that we have very good point breaks with big channels  to paddle to the peak without getting your hair wet which is an incredible option to get green waves if you are a beginner/intermedium surfer.

In the 5-days course, you will have 5 sessions of 2 hours each, the perfect way to get to the rhythm of the ocean, surfing is a sport in which you should dedicate time. With this package you will get 10 hours of navigation at the exact reception you need to learn to surf for only € 150. You can book your day and time for your first navigation session and then we will schedule the next sessions at the school. The course can be of different days, it is not necessary to do it in consecutive order, so you can organize your surf sessions as you want.

Remember that almost everyone can surf, if you can swim and you intend to, you can surf! Many people give up before trying. There is a saying that says “life is better when you surf” and at Tilegit Surf School we totally agreed.